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People  Process  Technology



We are passionate about our people and this is the reason they come first and foremost.  We believe they are the key in providing a long term consistent high quality level of service to our customers. All of our employees have an ownership stake in the company.  Our pricing includes an allowance to ensure that we are able to hire and grow our employees, so that they can serve our customers to the best of their abilities.  When we factor in the cost avoidance of rework and the reduction of errors we believe that the ‘pay me now’ philosophy works better than ‘pay me later’.



We are constantly reviewing and revising our client service processes and our internal processes to remove waste and unnecessary steps.  We empower our people to enable fast decision making.  By reducing the overhead of a top-heavy pyramid for decision making, we are able to reduce costs significantly.



We employ technology and software tools where and when appropriate, not just because they are the latest and greatest buzz in the market.  Our employees keep up with the latest trends in the market and are aware of a product’s maturity.  We believe that implementing a tool for the sake of technology, without consideration of the people and process aspects results in higher costs and no significant benefits.  Given the proliferation of a multitude of software tools and technologies in the market today, each promising to significantly reduce costs, we believe in testing the true value-add of the technology for our clients and only then deploying the technologies that will give a direct savings in Total Cost of Ownership.


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